Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Questions and answers

This is a question a friend asked me.

How did you all get into a turkey? They must be really large in the Mediterranean. Do you think you could send a giant leg for Thanksgiving next year. The camels with 3 humps are filled with milk chocolate and the ones with 2 humps are filled with dark chocolate. The mommy mummies and the daddy mummies are placed in the pyramids because they want to get out of the hot sun.

Jim :)

Ha ha ha very funny Jim but all wrong. The humps are all fat to give them energy were not in a turkey and the pyramids are just for burial. The pyramids are pointing up like this because when the world was created they believed it was all water. So as the world developed the water came down and the first thing to point above the water was a mountain that was shaped like a pyramid. That's why they are pointed like that. Thanks for writing.


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