Saturday, November 10, 2007

Up to speed in Mentawai

Hello, Matthew here,
I know we haven't been able to reach you much lately but we have been very busy. In order of events, we saw the biggest lizard on earth, the komodo dragon, watched dolphins swimming at night in the phosphorescence, and seen the all mighty Krakatoa's son erupt. Tristan already told you about Krakatoa so I will tell you about the amazing dolphins swimming at night.
Mom went outside to throw some compost overboard when she heard a faint sound. She called us up to our surprise and we spotted a small pod of dolphins riding the bow. They are like amazing shooting stars from below! They move fast and swiftly leaving trails of sparkling water behind them. It was the most amazing dolphin experience we had seen at night. The most amazing ones we had seen by day were spinner dolphins way back in the Marquesas.
Right now we are moving from small island to small island in the Mentawai's. The Mentawai islands are very good surfing. Tristan, myself and the gang have had a lot of fun catching waves and getting pelted too. We haven't been able to have many bon fires in the short time we have been island hopping because it rains here a lot. Because of that we couldn't have one on Halloween. So instead, we did have a nice party on s/v Pelikaan and then a great sleep over on our boat for Tristan's birthday.

Hope you enjoyed this small up to speed mail, bye bye for now,