Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kids blog

We have made it to Vaunatu and have explored the village. In the village we saw a yacht club that they have built for sailors. We saw a bunch of houses that are built above the ground on sticks. The houses are made out of palm fronds and sticks. They have very little metal. The next day we rested and did school for awhile, then played board games for the rest of the day. The next day was the most exiting day of all. While were doing school a local named Olsen came to our boat and told us all
about his culture. We learned a lot about the kind of fruits and vegetables like snake beans. In all of our travels we never saw anything like it. It was long and kind of skinny. It was also hollow and you tap it and hear a hollow sound. The Snake bean had a lot of seeds that were spread out all over and none of them were close to each other inside it. The seeds were strapped to the side with a spider web like substance.

When he finally left we drove the dingy in. When we got on shore we went to a birthday party that the locals had invited us to. A baby was having his first birthday and not knowing anything that's going on around him. We brought balloons that were all popped by the end of it. But either way they loved them while they lasted. I was glad to be able to show them how to use them how to use them. After the balloons we brought out six marbles and played with the kids with them. We also gave the baby a
toy car and then we left. We were on our way to the volcano. To get there we had to take a very bumpy truck up a rough road to the crater. There was volcanic ash every where and felt as soft as sand. The volcano was shooting out lava globs that did not even get to close but when you hear the thunder like sound it makes you jump and all your hair on your body stands up. Even when you try not to always jump when you here it. Then after the long day we went back to our boat to get some rest.


Friday, June 15, 2007

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This week we went to a school at Malolo Island where they were having their world day. They had a competition with questions that we might have at our
school like what percent of the human body is water. But most of the questions were about their environment and resources. We would of stayed longer but the tide was going out and we had to go before the entrance got to shallow. The school looks a lot like our school but still there are a lot of differences for example they wear uniforms and the boys wear skirts.
We are out of Musket cove finally because we got the water maker membrane we were waiting for. We made it to Nadi on Viti Levu and were lucky to meet up with some old friends on White Swan who were glad to see us.


Monday, June 4, 2007

Still in Musket Cove...

We are still sitting here in Musket Cove. Today we are having a half day of school. We are going to shore today to spend the whole day there. We are thinking about bringing a picnic lunch. Either way, I am dying to do a bike ride. We have spent a lot of time on the boat lately and had a great week of school last week, so mom says we deserve a special day.
Last week we went snorkeling. Mom held all the bread in her hand. It all stayed clumped together and mom was really surprised. The fish swarmed her. A fish swam right in front of my goggles. He came in from the side and scared me. There were tons of fish, some a foot long. Some were an inch. The fish were all kinds of color white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet... makes a rainbow bright. My favorite part was when the fish swarmed mom. We had a great time.
Bye bye for now,
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