Friday, May 2, 2008

Red Sea

May 1, 2008
Right from the Red Sea.
First we stopped in Sudan which had big ruins made completely out of old coral. Is had become almost all ruble now. I brought my soccer ball to shore and had fun kicking it around with my friends but I got terribly hot.
On our way up to Egypt, we had tons and tons of dolphins jumping in unison very early in the morning. Tristan and mom were still in a deep sleep so only Dad and I got to see them.
Now we are in Egypt, anchored with the wind blowing up to 30 knots. Lately we've been going out to the beach for a lot of windsurfing and kite boarding. Yesterday the whole, whole gang went. I've been practicing to fly the miniature training kite. And we've been having fun with a tire we found on shore. First we rolled it into the water and jumped on it each trying to be king of the tire. My special tactic was jumping on someone and trying to tackle them off. Yesterday we found a camel skeleton
that we formed back into his shape. We even found a rock the right shape for his brain and put him back together.
It is awfully windy here, I hate this wind. I don't like it because it is hard to shake out my rug for chores and I am afraid it is going to blow away. It also gets a lot of sand in your eyes and is giving me a stuffy nose at the moment. My dad also just helped some other people who have a mangled boat right now from the wind and they dragged off their anchor.
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April 13, 2008
We made it to Yemen! We are now sailing to the city Aden. Yemen's architecture is old but modern. If you just looked at a picture you would think that it was not that advanced. But if you are there you can here cars honking. When we were in the anchorage of Al MukAla we kept seeing turtles popping up all over. Roxy and Alex celebrated there birthdays on the same day. We played some fun party games like one when you have to put a piece of candy on top of flour and keep cutting it until it falls.
If you make it fall you have to eat it out of the flour without your hands. Another fun game was when you were blind folded and had to eat a cracker off of a string without your hands. One night when we went to dinner there were soldiers on the roof of the restaurant. There was even a soldier where we tie off the dinghies. We will make it to Aden tonight. If you have any questions email me.