Friday, June 27, 2008

Turkeys turtles

Hello. In Tristan's email he told you a small bit about Turkey. I am going to tell you some more. When we we got got here we got good internet like T(Tristan) said. A few days after that we went to see a castle with a peacock pen near the front. Ounce we got in and looked around we found the turtles. We had a lot of fun with them. We gave them leaves and flowers. They liked leaves and fought for flowers. a few days ago we went wake boarding. and my brother learned a new trick good for
him. i am getting good. after that we went to a water park. We had a good time on the hot day.

Bye Bye

P.s. If you want to know more about anything just email us and Tristan can answer you. I wont.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hello, right now we are in Marmaris, Turkey. We have been to Egypt, and for a little bit Greece. While we were in Egypt we went and saw the GREAT PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT. To get to them you could take a camel, a horse, or a bus. Of course we took the camels. We had a guide and went with Luna some friends of ours. At the great pyramids in Giza there are three main pyramids and six small ones. When you ride a camel you are supposed to move with it. When it goes down hill you need to lean back. When
it sits down, it kneels on its legs. Front legs first then back legs. Even then you have to lean with it. When we got up close I got to touch the great pyramid. Did you guys know that camels have three eye lids? Do any of you guys know what is in the hump? Do camels have nostrils that can close? If you guys want to guess the answers email me. After that we went through the Suez Canal. You have to get a guide to go through the canal. On the way through the canal you see guards every half
a mile. Going through the canal is not that special. The canal has no locks so you don't get that experience. After that we went to Greece but did not check in sshhhhhhhh. At Greece I learned to wind surf and got really good. I can ride it backwards I can use one hand and I made my own trick. Now we are in Turkey where we have internet sometimes. If you guys have skype please tell me because I can skype you if you do. Our skype address is ohanakai4. Also if you know the answers to my questions
please email me.



We have been exploring Egypt. First we went to the temple of Karnac. The temple was built for the head god named Amun-Re. The temple was built high by making ramps up the wall to place the stone bricks on the top. The whole temple is has hieroglyphics on it. After that we went to the valley of the kings. There are 62 tombs in the whole place. Inside the tombs you can see many hieroglyphics that are in there original color. In one tomb there was stick figures drawn black. In another tomb
you got to see the king Tutankamon dead mummified body. He was as big as me when he died. These tombs are dug under ground. After that we went to the hotel for the night and swam at the hotel and left for the for the museum the next day. At the museum you could see all of king tuts things. There was gold treasures and bottles which used to be filled with essence(essence is what they call perfume). There were board games but they did not have dice so they used sticks that were flat. The sticks
had colors on both, black and white. The Egyptians also had ink and paper. We went to a store that showed us how to make there paper which is called papyrus paper. The ink was made out of soot from fires. At the museum we also saw jewelry and weapons and even his gold mask. I hope you liked this email if you have any questions or want to know more about anything email me.