Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Questions and answers

This is a question a friend asked me.
I enjoyed reading your about your adventures in Egypt. I was wondering, do the camels have 3 eyelids to help keep the sand out of their eyes? I would guess they cover their nostrils somehow, also to keep out sand. Did you have to wear anything special while riding?

Was there a special feeling while being in such a huge graveyard?

Did you know Jimmy's nanna and poppa are from Greece? Their last name is Kostakis. Maybe you'll bump into a cousin or two.

Peace and Love,

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Thanks for writing you got them all right. No we don't have to wear anything special since we are only riding them for a very short distance. Did you pyramids in the dessert. Well actually you can see them when you are driving to the camel renting place. The pyramids are not even a mile away from the city. Do you mind if I send your email out so they can see the guesses? You were the first to guess about the camels thanks.

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