Sunday, March 22, 2009


March 20, 2009
We went through the PANAMA CANAL!!! The first locks were at night and the only time we went up. But the water level rose surprisingly fast, from 41 feet to 72 feet in a few minutes. And it bubbled and moved so much like something was going to come out of it like a serpent! When you use lines to hold yourself in place people throw you a line. The lines have a know called a monkey's claw and it's very heavy to make it better to throw.

We went through the Gatun Lake on the second and last, yest it took two days. The forest that surrounded the lake was filled with howler monkeys which make horrid sounds. When they take the water out to lower you down the gate leaked a bit and that creeped me out. I mean a leak??? The best part was the people at home could see us. The Canal men set up video cameras that send what's happening on the internet.
bye bye for now, Matthew

Kuna village

March 13, 2009
Today we visited the Kuna Indians in their village. We took a lot of pictures of them and video. Giving them candy was the biggest hit. My candy, sniff... but they had practically nothing. They sleep in hammocks and their home is on a tiny island that can only fit enough huts made out of palm trees for maybe 20 families.
bye bye for now,

KID Boats

February 14, 2009
Happy Valentine's Day!
Yay, yay, yay! We found friends, hooray! Yes, we met up with some KIDS, Edward, Will and Alice on Vagabond Heart. We played Risk, hide and go seek and we went to a parade on Bonaire for Carnival. They gave out candy and big tube balloons. We also went swimming and to top it off we went to their boat at night to watch movies. The Atlantic crossing was great and so far the Caribbean has been very nice. Warm water to swim in and nice people to meet but finding kid boats is the best.
bye bye for now, Matthew