Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost there

We are crossing the Atlantic and are almost there. A couple days a go my dad needed a rope (or so he thought) so he sent me up the mast, 52 feet up in the air, with a pair of scissors dangling from a string tied to me. Your parents say don't run with scissors. The waves were 2 meters high and rocking the boat a ton. Up at the top of the mast the waves were way bigger since I am dangling by a rope with a rope and clips keeping me close to the forestay holding me close to it. The forestay is the
pole that we role the sail up on in the front. Luckily the sail was down in the boat. When I got up there the scissors had gotten stuck on some rope and had popped open as if they were going to snip something. I finally got them unhooked so with one hand I reached up wrapped a thin rope around my hand since I was not supposed to let go of it. Then I started coming down. When I was up there I had gotten kind of seasick. When I was nearly to the deck the thin rope I was holding got stuck or something
and My mom didn't know so she kept giving me slack. I was holding on to the rope still with it pinching me hard and holding my self up with the rest of my body. Then they got me down and I gave a little seasick burp and passed off the rope to my dad and went to sit down. That was the most excitement for a couple days. The sail on the front known as the jib had tore and we had it down in the boat. We were also having trouble with the spinnaker. It kept chafing a rope. We should get to the Caribbean
tonight. We are very exited to get there. I hope you liked the blog. If you have any questions just ask.



Soleil said...

Wow scary!

Soleil said...

You have a good way to word things you should write a book!